Innovative cross platform applications and web solutions

Slok Software specializes in developing database-driven desktop and web applications. We are a small but innovative Dutch development house and are located in the beautiful West Friesland (Grootebroek). We invent and develop commercial software for both businesses and consumers.

Part of our (web) applications are cross-platform. These are applications that are built with one development tool but can operate on multiple operating systems and browsers:

This allows the user to be able to work in the same application, on different systems. The maintenance of the application is therefore easier because not every system must be kept in a separate development environment for which special knowledge is required.

Rental Software

Our clientele is especially in the rental sector in Southern Europe. For these customers we build and maintain database driven holiday/rental booking solutions for both the desktop and the web.

Commercial Software

By this we mean by our self made software solutions which you can find under the menu ‘Software’ and perhaps soon in the App stores of Microsoft and Apple. Have a great idea for a commercial application? We are always willing to join you this in confidence (under NDA) to think and to assist in the realization.