Learn Programming with REAL Studio

Real SoftwareReal Studio is a rapid application development (RAD) tool, available for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux. I have been using this tool for almost 3 years now; for development of my personal desktop applications and some commercial software. I must say that I quite enjoy programming in RS.

A great feature of RS is that applications developed on my MacBook Pro (running OSX), can be cross-compiled to Windows and Linux, without changing any line of code!

Developing in RS is very easy to learn. Basically you build your window by dragging controls (there is quite a lot to choose from) onto it and you add code to triggers (events) by double-clicking on the controls. Confusing? Please have a look at this introduction video and be convinced of how easy it is to build a simple webbrowser in RS:

Some quotes from the Real Software website:

Learn as you go
Most programming languages require you to spend days or even weeks learning lots of details, commands and codes before you can actually create a working program. With REAL Studio, simply drag and drop a button onto a window and run your first program in seconds. As you need to do more, you learn more. It’s a gradual approach designed specifically to help you learn as you go.

A straightforward approach to learning
The first step in programming with REAL Studio is to design the user interface. With REAL Studio, this is as simple as point-and-click. As you work on your interface, you make your program unique; REAL Studio does the hard work behind the scenes. Add functionality to your interface by typing in code snippets. If you get stuck, REAL Studio includes built-in assistance that keeps you going.

Learn modern programming
Learning the REALbasic language means you’re learning modern, object-oriented programming. Once you learn REALbasic, learning other languages like Visual Basic, Java or C++ is much easier but you may find that there’s no need. REALbasic can take you from learning the basics of programming to building commercial-quality software for you or your profession.

Lots of help included
REAL Studio comes with a QuickStart guide, a Tutorial, an online reference, a User’s Guide and built-in help, as well as hundreds of examples to guide you.

Community of experts always available
If you get stuck or have questions, a large online community of help is always close-by. In no time at all, you’ll be learning modern programming, more quickly and more easily than you ever thought possible.

For starting developers, the learning curve of RS is very small (even I could learn it…) and helps understanding Object Oriented Programming (OOP). This could be your step up to C++ or C# and .Net programming.

About pricing… Real Studio doesn’t come cheap, but, a personal edition is available for EUR 79,- Unfortunately this edition doesn’t allow you to cross-compile: just buy the license for the operation system you want to develop apps for. The professional edition (that’s what I am using) is EUR 249,- and offers cross-sompilation. The most expensive edition is the Enterprise Edition;c this edition offers all options, including building web applications but costs a whopping EUR 825,- Off course these are not the only differences, you can find a full comparison here. For the price you pay you will get a lifetime licence, but your update plan is limited to 6 months (for personal & professional edition) and 12 months (for Enterprise Edition). Updating occurs appr. every 90 days. I would say: try before you buy to decide what edition suits you best. Get Real Studio here.

Also I would like you to check out the Web Edition (included in Enterprise Edition only) of RS: this version allows you to make web applications running under FastCGI. This is really remarkable and a great step forward to Web 3.0.

So, happy coding! As soon as I have found the time, I will add some links to RS resources. There are not much books about RS but we have a great, friendly and helpful community. I’m also planning to show off my development efforts in the near future, so keep checking my blog for updates, subscribe to my feeds or follow me on Twitter.


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