Starting a Visual Basic (.Net) Course

A couple of months ago I ran into issues with Real Studio in deploying a test web application on my (hosted) webserver. The main advantage of Real Studio is that you can build web applications rapidly by simply dragging controls onto the webpage and adding (VB) code to triggers. Any code or functions made in the past, for other projects/solutions, can be re-used.

However, deploying on a hosted webserver is a pain in the a… Once the webapplication is opened by a visitor of the site, a CGI scipt is excecuted and stays alive for some time. This shows up in the process list of the server wich indicates a considerable amount of memory and cpu usage. This triggered my hosting provider to dissallow me from accessing the cgi-bin directory on the server…

The upgrade to the webedition of Real Studio is quite expensive (upgrade to Enterprise license or purchase a separate Web Edition licence), as well as hiring a dedicated virtual server for my apps.

For the above reasons I decided to move to Visual Basic .Net for web application development and stick to Real Studio for development of desktop applications.

I already know my way (to some extend) in VB for Real Studio, but lack experience (of the .Net framework) in VB.Net from Microsoft. For this reason I decided to order a course to teach myself VB.Net. A couple of weeks ago the books and learning instructions arrived. I am now reserving time in my calendar to force myself to put effort into this course:-)

Why am I doing all this? Well, besides the fact that my interest in various programming techniques is very broad and I like to do this as a hobby, I also have a couple of private clients running PHP/MySQL on their website, to support commodity, car and motor rentals including reservations.

My goal is to replace these applications by a one VB.Net (ASP) webapplication for the front-end, and a Real Studio application for the back-end (running on desktops), all using the same MS SQL database.

Another good reason to learn .Net: new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (starting at NAV2009R2 RTC) offer .Net Operability. This means that .Net code/functions can be integrated and called from RTC Pages to enrich NAV applications with parts that are build in .Net, giving unlimited possibilities for graphical reporting and enchanced user experience.


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