Time Tracker v. 2.3.1 released

A new version of our product Time Tracker has been released today. This upgrade is free for all registered users. Only registered users are eligible for support.

Solved issues:

0000065: [Requirement] Code sign application parts and setup + deinstaller
0000061: [Bug] Flickering issues because of getting data multiple times for same instance
0000060: [Requirement] Implement progressbar for long operations
0000058: [Requirement] Show database info in the status bar in debugging mode
0000059: [Requirement] Obfuscate serials for third party controls
0000056: [Requirement] Move database from document folder to application data folder
0000026: [Bug] In the events part of the screen not all labels are visible
0000027: [Bug] In the tasks part of the screen no customer information is visible
0000046: [Changerequest] Move icons and other graphics to project folder
0000045: [Changerequest] Replace SmartSplitter by EH WindowSplitter

To see more context/explanation click on a issue number to read it.

We moved the database to a more appropriate place on your hard drive, please follow our upgrade notes.

Important upgrade steps:

  1. Close previous version of Time Tracker
  2. Copy directory “Time Tracker” (with the TimeTracker.rsd file) from your Documents folder to: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming
  3. Run the setup
  4. Your database will be updated automatically, but it is a good practice to backup TimeTracker.rsd
  5. There is no need to deinstall the previous installation
  6. Check if the application is working properly. If you get the question to update your business info then you didn’t copy the database to the right place (see step 2)
    1. Close the application
    2. Check on your system where the new database TimeTracker.rsd is and replace this file by the same file from your Documents folder
    3. Restart the application


Please post any issues, bugs, requests on http://support.slok.com. Please register on our support portal, it’s simple and free. Do you want to know what’s in the next release? Check our roadmap!


Windows XP, Vista and W7: TimeTrackerWindows-
Apple Macintosh OS X (tested on Leopard): TimeTrackerMac-


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