Intro & Welcome

Hello world! Welcome to my blog. Please allow me to introduce myself briefly in this first blog entry.

My name is Jacco Slok and I work as Solution Consultant for Qurius Nederland in it’s Architecture team. My daily business is to advice our customers about implementing or changing/upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV (also known as Navision). For a group of customers from various industries, I am designated consultant for consultancy and/or development jobs.

Another part of my role at Qurius is to ensure that my colleagues have sufficient progress in developing their competencies to be able to succesfully engage technological very challenging projects for our customers.

Qurius is specialized in design, architecture, infrastructure, implementation and support of sustainable IT solutions based on the Microsoft productline. Qurius has offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

This blog will mostly concentrate on Navision. You will find tips and tricks as I encounter them at my job. I will also write about integrating NAV with other Microsoft products and will try to keep the blog up to date with new developments.

One of my hobbies is to develop personal and commercial desktop applications. I use Visual Studio 2010 and REALStudio (cross-platform) for development, so in the future you might find interesting entries for that as well.

Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on Twitter. The coming period I will spend a lot of time updating this blog with more content and links, thanks for reading.:-)


Hello Jacco! Greetings,

This is your blood relative H.N.Slok from the States here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Just checking your blog out and Iam very interested in more info. on all of Dynamics capibilities including involvement with Visual Studio and REALStudio & other programs that are combatable with msn, windows 7 & Dell desk & laptop computer systems. Also more about the Sloks there on the other side of the Atlantic. My father, H. O. Slok was born in Delft 8/9/31 and Im his youngest son. Would love to Know more about our Slok family name & our heritage if you would be so very kind to cordiality corespond with me would be so very appeciated. Really, more than I could express to you in words! Also, Do You happen to have any information pertaining the Slok family Crest or Coat-of-Arms visual or other? Thank You Jacco & only All the Best to you & yours, & all the Slok Clan over there in The Netherlands & everywhere abroad, including the universe!! CHEERS

Hello Mr. Slok from the States!

Nice to hear from a fellow Slok:-) Sorry to reply so late but I receive a lot of spam in my blog comments lately.

I live in the neighboorhood of Enkhuizen (was born there also, don’t know if I’m related to somebody in Gouda) and as far as I know all my family is from this neighboorhood. I don’t know if you know a bit of dutch, you could try to translate the page with Google, but have a look at: This guy has done some research on Slok’s in Veenendaal.

Cheers Jacco