Looking for software translators

For my new time tracking product ‘Time Tracker’ I am currently looking for translators. If you would like to translate the captions and other texts of our product into your (native) language this would be greatly appreciated. Here is an impression of the main screen:

Time Tracker

This product is still is beta stage but ready for release in a couple of weeks. Goal of the application is to track time and billing of your tasks and is therefore very suitable to laywers, software developers, consultants etc. The application will be available for Apple OSX (Leopard and Lion), Windows and Linux (cross platform)

What languages do I need for the first release? Well, let’s start with:

  • Dutch (done already)
  • English (done already)
  • Portuguese (thanks and credits to João Silva)
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Greek

You will be provided with the english captions and the translation tool ‘Lingua’ (available for all platforms). This tool makes it quick and easy to translate and export the result for inclusion in my project. Lingua can be downloaded on this page. This is the translation file for the german language: Time Tracker 2 – german, in case you want to have a look at it.

What’s the deal? Well I know nothing in live is free (except for the rain in Holland), this will not be open source software either. About 500 words (quick guess) need to be translated, so just give me a quote or be happy with a lifetime free license of the application and be the first to have a look at our beta! And of course you will appear in the credits of the ‘About’ window:-)

BTW You are still reading this so I believe you are very interested:-) Just drop me a mail to get started!


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