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One of my programming friends (who is considering to switch from VB6 to RS) asked me to put some tips/snippets, on my blog. So here we go… This example shows how to build a multilangual ConfirmDelete dialog. When you are developing commercial software it is important (from sales perspective) to support as many languages as possible. Here comes in one of the great strengths of Real Studio: RS has native Read more

A couple of months ago I ran into issues with Real Studio in deploying a test web application on my (hosted) webserver. The main advantage of Real Studio is that you can build web applications rapidly by simply dragging controls onto the webpage and adding (VB) code to triggers. Any code or functions made in the past, for other projects/solutions, can be re-used. However, deploying on a hosted webserver is a pain in the a… Once Read more

Real Studio is a rapid application development (RAD) tool, available for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux. I have been using this tool for almost 3 years now; for development of my personal desktop applications and some commercial software. I must say that I quite enjoy programming in RS. A great feature of RS is that applications developed on my MacBook Pro (running OSX), can be cross-compiled to Windows and Linux, Read more