ANSI to Unicode Converter

This is a simple commandline tool to convert from ANSI MSDOS to Unicode textfiles.


AnsiToUnicode.exe [C:\Path-To-File\AnsiEncodedFile.txt] [C:\Path-To-File\NewUnicodeEncodedFile.txt]

We made this tool because we often run into codepage problems when we are handling exported data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a non Unicode compliant ERP system from Microsoft. Textfiles created by Navision (using the OEM ANSI codepage by default), can be converted to Unicode (UTF8) with this tool. We use a codeunit to achieve this automatically with a SHELL command. This works fine in the ‘old’ Classic Navision clients. How to work with Shell commands from Navision can be read here.

However, the newer RTC clients do not support Shell commands but can use .Net objects to achieve the same. This is described very well on this  MSDN blog by Hans Kierulff. Hans describes a much nicer integration. For Navision versions 5 and lower, our tool will suffice because such .Net interoperabillity is not possible yet.

This tool is non-destructive, it creates a new file from the contents of the input file.