Time Tracker

Don’t ever loose billing time anymore! Our product Time Tracker will prevent you from ‘forgetting’ time to bill to your customers. Encourage and enable your consultants to be more billable and productive and let them have insight in their billable and productive time. Be transparant: show your clients what you have been doing for them in detail. No more discussions about the bills = no more Credit-Memo’s!

Time Tracker is your mandatory tool for time registration!

Time Tracker is available for Windows and Mac OSX

Target audience is any business that services customers against hourly rates, working behind a computer. Track your time spend on multiple tasks per project. Each project and task can have another hourly rate.

Accurate registration of time spend per task:

Time Tracker time registration

Nice pie charts to show to your customer how the work in a project is divided per task:

Time Tracker

Gain insight in time spend on projects:

Time Track projectmanagement


  • Unlimited number of projects (non-registered maximum of 5 projects)
  • Unlimited number of tasks (non-registered maximum of 3 tasks per project)
  • Unlimited number of activities
  • Ability to move an activity from one project/task to another
  • Pricing per project & per task
  • Calculation of hours and costs estimated per task
  • Data export for your ERP or billing software:
    • Export of activities to Excel (only Windows)
    • Export of activities to CSV (only Macintosh)
  • Pausing of task (breaking down the activity in smaller chunks)
  • Optionally start an activity with the end time of the previous activity
  • Record activities over multiple days
  • Various filtering capabilities
  • Setup percentages for billable and productive time for incentives
  • A SQLite database stores your data locally

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

We are still looking for translators. Please contact us if you are interested. We will provide you with the language file and a tool that does the job quickly.

Roadmap (planned for next major release):

  • More (graphical) reporting options
  • Import & export options
  • Move Mac version to App Store
  • Publish data to other (MS SQL) databases (and cloud integration)

Please see our Time Tracker News for more information about the latest releases and downloads of the latest, or previous versions of our product.

Try before you buy:

The price of Time Tracker is only EUR 14,99 for free lifetime updates. You will find buying options in the application. You may try Time Tracker as long as you wish within the limitations of the non-registered version. After your purchase we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Download our latest versions for Windows or Mac (Linux on request/beta, Raspberry Pie 2 support coming soon):


30 Day Money Back Guarantee